Established in 2008, ETV Motors Ltd. is developing advanced battery cell technology to address the automotive industry’s tightening embrace of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles and extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs).

The efforts of the ETVM scientific team is focused on creating and bringing to market a compact, energy-dense, power-dense battery that capitalizes on the most advanced techniques in electrochemistry and materials engineering.

Gram for gram, ETVM’s lithium-ion-based cells are designed to deliver 50% more energy than the best competing cells. Batteries built from these cells will be smaller, more affordable, and have potentially twice the driving range of other lithium-ion batteries.

Based in Herzliya, Israel with research and test facilities at several additional locations, the company's business orientation is to cooperate at both the component and system levels with OEMs and suppliers in the global automotive and battery industries.

Our scientists and engineers are veterans of the stored-energy industry. The management team brings decades of global experience in bringing disruptive technologies into discerning markets.

ETVM raised a milestone-driven $12M investment in 2008, led by Quercus Trust of Southern California. New York City-based 21 Ventures, LLC, a venture capital firm concentrating on the technologies set to dominate the 21st century, is a co-investor.